Cindy Villareal is the author of inspiring books, such as The Cheerleader’s Guide to Life and Complete Guide to Cheerleading.

The Cheerleader’s Guide to Life

Cindy’s book, “The Cheerleader’s Guide to Life”, was published by HarperCollins in April 1992, a deal struck by her agent, Jeff Herman Agency. Her book hit the bookshelves in February 1994 and included a ten city book tour. The work was named one of the best books for teenagers by the New York Public Library in 1995. This work is also honored in the College Football Hall of Fame for Cindy’s “dedication and success as a role model for the youth of America,” as said by Bernie Kish, President.

Complete Guide to Cheerleading

Modern cheerleading is a dynamic activity that requires intense dedication to put forth your best in body, mind, and spirit.
Complete Guide to Cheerleading provides all the information, tips, and instruction required to become a winning cheerleader. It guides aspiring and experienced cheerleaders alike through the rigors of training and competition while they juggle academic and other extracurricular activities. The book presents the history of cheerleading, explores the cheerleading lifestyle, and provides technical instruction on training for and executing the essential routines and moves.

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